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Gallery Archive 2014

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19lb 2oz Mirror, Bottom Lake, 9th May '15 26lb 10oz Common, Bottom Lake, 1st May '15 33lb 4oz Mirror, Bottom Lake, 2nd May '15 22lb 4oz Mirror, Bottom Lake, 9th May '15 37lb Common, Orchard Lake, 20th May '15 19lb 7oz Mirror, Orchard Lake,20th May '15 25lb 7oz Common, Orchard Lake, 21st May '15 19lb 10oz Common, Bottom Lake, 22nd May '15 24lb 10oz Mirror, Orchard Lake, 24th May '15 11lb 8oz Common, Middle Lake, 22nd May '15. 30lb 6oz Mirror, Orchard Lake, 25th May '15. 20lb 8oz Common, Orchard Lake, 27th May '15. 23lb 8oz Mirror, Orchard Lake, 27th May '15. 22lb 8oz Common, Orchard Lake, 28th May '15. 35lb 15oz Mirror, Orchard Lake, 22nd June '15. 31lb 12oz Mirror, Orchard Lake, 29th June '15. 35lb 8oz Mirror, Orchard Lake, 28th June '15. 21lb 14oz Mirror, Bottom Lake, 5th July '15. 28lb 12oz Mirror, Orchard Lake, 21st July '15. 25lb 2oz Common, Orchard Lake, 21st July '15.